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RETTEY Pontoon Boat Kits

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 8 x 16 Tri-toon kit with trim, railing, helm seat, ( fob Maryland )

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The affordable boat for fishing ... Cruising or Relaxing... A great replacement for Jon Boats!
The pontoons are 48" long, 22" wide, and 15" deep. The straight pontoons have approximately 525 pounds gross floatation  each and the front sloped pontoons have approximately 430 pounds gross floatation each. 
Features of all Rettey Pontoon Boats
Rettey Pontoons- Constructed of thick, very tough , polyethylene plastic that will not crack, break or deteriorate.  they are resistant to fuel, oil, chemicals, pollutants... and cannot be damaged by wildlife chewing on them.
Pontoon Colors- Choice of Red, Black, Yellow, Navy Blue, Green, Light Brown, Dark Brown, or a combination of those colors.
Additional Pontoons- Optional third row of pontoons may be added in the center to provide additional floatation and stability.
Anodized Aluminum Frame Construction- The entire frame is constructed of anodized aluminum with floor supports 16" on center.
Stainless Steel Bolts And Fasteners- Stainless steel bolts are stronger and will not rust or corrode and leave ugly moisture stains.
Front, Back, and Side Bumpers- Bumpers are provided on front, back, and sides to help prevent damage to boat when docked or docking.
Flooring- 3/4", 7 ply plywood, good one side and treated for marine use.
Marine Vinyl Floor Covering- Marine vinyl floor covering is used for its lasting qualities and low maintenance. Spill something on it....just wipe it up with a damp cloth. Marine carpet is optional  at no extra charge. Samples available on request.
Anodized Aluminum Deck Trim- 2"x4" Aluminum angle trim extends around edge of deck and helps protect boat from damage when docking.
Canopy (Optional)- An 8' wide by 8' long canopy is optional. It can be tilted forward or backward and folds to back of boat when not in use. The framework is aluminum and the canopy is white marine vinyl. A white vinyl storage boot is included.
Motor Mount- Use up to 25 or 50 H.P. gas engine or electric trolling motor.
Aluminum Railing- Railing is 27" high and slopes to 24" in front. It is made of  11/8" square tubing and installed with stainless steel bolts. A 32" swinging gate is provided in the center of the front railing.
Maintenance- Rettey Pontoon Boats are designed to require very little maintenance. They can be cared for with regular household cleaners, washed with a garden hose or taken to a car wash.

Pontoon Boat Kits

Pontoon boat kits are very easy to assemble. they are shipped in cartons for protection. A 20' Pontoon boat is shown above ready for shipment